Overcoming negativity from the past moving on and focusing on the present and magnificent future.

I finally made the time to focus writing on my blog. It’s been a while since I last posted. But here I am ready to start on it and it’s gonna be more interesting and better when I get more followers. Today I want to talk about negative things that happened to me in the past and how I cope with it and started to focus on the present and future.  When I was in school I was bullied by several people and there were some other people I thought were my friends but I feel they weren’t really a true good friend. After a while I started to be by myself with no one to hang out with. I used to be around those so called friends and after a while I stopped being around them.  I was more close to these two people that I used to know I even made the effort to talk to them and it seems that when I had different classes from them we didn’t hang and talk to each other no more so I didn’t understand why was that. So I was hurt, mad and misunderstood after everything happened when I was in school as the years went by. I learned to not let it overpower me and was able to move on and enjoy my life it took a long time for me to do that but I did it. Over the years I was mad  and wanted revenge especially those bad people at school. I was full of hate and anger for a while but it was like an off and on thing that I was thinking about what happened in the past. But now I completely stopped thinking about every negative thing that happened in the past and focusing on the present and future! Now when I think about it briefly I think to myself it’s them they’re the problem it’s not me at all. They were jealous, insecure, selfish and honestly stupid. I said stupid especially to the so called friends because they don’t know how much of a good person I was and don’t want to be around me cause I was quiet or whatever. Either that or selfish and mean. I now look at it that way. I don’t care about the past anymore it’s irrelevant and  means nothing to me so I’m very glad I overcame it and focusing on the present and an amazing future I will have but if I do briefly think about the past I will think about positive good memories that I have. There are some good memories I have in the past so that’s good. So now I’m completely focused on the present and future slowly building a better positive life I meant to have! 🙂


Don’t give up.

Yesterday evening I was feeling disappointed and upset because I posted something on Facebook. I posted that I’m trying to make a blog and website. So no one but one person commented and read my post. That really made me upset at the point I started to feel bad about myself and started to have negative thoughts. So I wrote in a journal about how I felt and what happened that day also later I talked about it to someone and I felt better. I wasn’t sad no more I was a little mad because I tried to promote my blog on fb and no one didn’t either read it or didn’t look at it. Either way that is just so rude and selfish of them. So never again I’m gonna post an idea or a project on fb. I regretted posted it. I’ll find another way of promoting it and it will be better than before. I just got to do some more research on making my blog and having it stand out from other blogs. I’m not gonna give up on this it just takes time to build and make it grow. I just have to have the ambition and not give up. By the way it’s their loss by not looking and going to my magnificent blog that one day will be successful.

My first blog post.

Hello potential followers and readers! My name is Felicia H. and this is my first ever blog I have made. I first started and came up with the idea of creating a blog 2 years ago I already made the blog around that time but I didn’t completed it all the way. I stopped working on it for a while and took a hiatus until I was ready to complete it. So here I am ready to start my blog and posting whatever I want on here. I am looking forward to starting my journey of blogging and sharing things that I want to share here so welcome to my fabulous blog! 🙂