Overcoming negativity from the past moving on and focusing on the present and magnificent future.

I finally made the time to focus writing on my blog. It’s been a while since I last posted. But here I am ready to start on it and it’s gonna be more interesting and better when I get more followers. Today I want to talk about negative things that happened to me in the past and how I cope with it and started to focus on the present and future.  When I was in school I was bullied by several people and there were some other people I thought were my friends but I feel they weren’t really a true good friend. After a while I started to be by myself with no one to hang out with. I used to be around those so called friends and after a while I stopped being around them.  I was more close to these two people that I used to know I even made the effort to talk to them and it seems that when I had different classes from them we didn’t hang and talk to each other no more so I didn’t understand why was that. So I was hurt, mad and misunderstood after everything happened when I was in school as the years went by. I learned to not let it overpower me and was able to move on and enjoy my life it took a long time for me to do that but I did it. Over the years I was mad  and wanted revenge especially those bad people at school. I was full of hate and anger for a while but it was like an off and on thing that I was thinking about what happened in the past. But now I completely stopped thinking about every negative thing that happened in the past and focusing on the present and future! Now when I think about it briefly I think to myself it’s them they’re the problem it’s not me at all. They were jealous, insecure, selfish and honestly stupid. I said stupid especially to the so called friends because they don’t know how much of a good person I was and don’t want to be around me cause I was quiet or whatever. Either that or selfish and mean. I now look at it that way. I don’t care about the past anymore it’s irrelevant and  means nothing to me so I’m very glad I overcame it and focusing on the present and an amazing future I will have but if I do briefly think about the past I will think about positive good memories that I have. There are some good memories I have in the past so that’s good. So now I’m completely focused on the present and future slowly building a better positive life I meant to have! 🙂

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